Weirdtongue (2011)
I currently have for sale signed limited first editions of THE LAST BALCONY and WEIRDTONGUE at the same price as they were previously sold unsigned by Amazon before the InkerMen Press closed its publishing business last October.

My reading aloud of The Hawler, Klaxon City, Weirdtongue, The Apocryfan and Yesterfang also seems to be fully available free as linked from HERE.

Print ‘second editions’ of ‘Weirdtongue’ and ‘The Apocryfan / Yesterfang’ also available from Megazanthus Press: HERE (June 4th 2014)

Weirdtongues Reviews:

“The slim volume offers a journey like no other in weird fiction or outside of it. It is a destroyer of boundaries in every sense, chiseling away the confines of time, space, identity, and conventional literature.” – Grim Reviews

D. F. Lewis has torn his narrative to shreds to the extent that all he has left to show us are the rags that remain. – Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction.

A favourite genre read of 2011 for Matthew Fryer: as listed HERE. And: “D.F. Lewis is an extraordinary narrator and storyteller, and one is swept away by the feast of words…” – Hellforge

“‘Weirdtongue is not like that, it tests the reader (and I was often found wanting)  but rewards with some remarkable imagery, worthy of a Terry Gilliam  film.” – Heart of Horror

“There is elaborate word play, with ‘Glistenberry’ used for Glastonbury, and given a deliciously sinister resonance, and a band suggestively named Goldwrap, and further language contortions, substitutions and mergers that delight with their invention.” – Peter Tennant (in the printed ‘Black Static’)

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